Step away from the podium


If you can’t communicate well, you shouldn’t be teaching. If you can’t compose a sentence clearly, you shouldn’t be teaching. If you grow frustrated when students ask questions, you shouldnt be teaching.

I am currently enrolled full time in an MSN FNP program. That means I am taking 4 classes. Two of those classes are being run by DNPs who have failed to learn how to communicate effectively. It is creating a special kind of hell for me, and with 10 more weeks to go, I am getting fed up of playing guessing games with my professors, wondering what their expectations are for each assignment.

Rubric? What rubric? Syllabus? The syllabus for both of these classes is an absolute joke. There is nothing specific about due dates, and it will elude to things like “group projects” but that’s it – no description, no due date…

It amazes me that people at their level of education have zero communication skills. Zero. In nursing, being able to communicate with others is of tantamount importance, and yet, these folks cant even explain their assignments clearly. Each assignment generates an entire class full of questions, and each answer only further muddies the waters. How does that happen?

Oh. And you dont get to be cranky about answering said questions. Be clear in your expectations, and maybe you wont be bombarded with emails asking for clarification. And when your clarifications require clarifications? Yeah. THAT is a problem.

I am paying big bucks to attend school. I am not taking out any loans, so instead we are tightening out belts and going without to make the financial commitment work. I want the most for my money, and this, quite frankly, is a disappointing return on my investment.

I feel angry and powerless to do anything about it. I feel like I have to keep my head low and plow through. But this is painful. And stressful. And I frequently find myself wasting my most valuable resource – time- because what I *think* the assignment is and what it *actually* is are two different things, only to become evident after I already spent hours on said assignment.

I’m going to have a glass of wine.


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