Things that bring me comfort

A warm cup of tea.

A hot, lavender scented bath.

My sweet, feline companion.

Talking with a friend.

Reruns of my favorite sitcoms.

Browsing in a book store.


Currently, I am finding myself dragged into the chaos that is my extended family, and I wanted to take a moment and remind myself of things that I can turn to that will help calm the storm, quiet the frustration, and help me to return to a more productive state of mind.

Classes are open, and my phone has been lit up from group texts from classmates, as we all try to get started on the right foot. I’m too distracted and frustrated to focus, so I need to mindfully do something that will at least quiet my mind enough to get myself organized so that tomorrow will be a more productive day.

The syllabus for each class needs to be printed, and I need to go through each and write down important due dates in my planner. Last semester, my planner was a huge part of my success, as each week was laid out with all my tasks, and if I got them completed early, I was able to socialize a bit more, or take some time to work ahead. If I can accomplish at least that much, then tomorrow I can begin taking each class individually and focus on the work due this week.

This past winter break, I made great strides in clearing out room for extra textbooks, discarding unnecessary paperwork, and clearing off my work space so that I can be most efficient in my studies. My study is a place I like to come to. It’s *my* space, with a big, cushy club chair in the corner, and my books neatly arranged on a new shelf, rather than my desk, giving me a little extra work space.

So tonight, I will have my tea, watch some reruns of Frasier, and go from there.



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