Bah Humbug

I’ve grown to hate this time of year. It’s always incredibly stressful for me, and it usually starts in mid November and doesnt end until after New Years. Since I moved to the same town as my mother, into a nice sized home with some space to entertain, I’ve been expected to host all the holiday meals. And in years past, it wasn’t so bad. Everyone would help cook a couple of dishes, and so it was a manageable duty. But this year, I was already responsible for the entiree Thanksgiving meal, and now I am in charge of the entire Christmas meal as well.

Last year, I got a “break” of sorts. I was working at the hospital and I was night shift, so I was in no position to host anything. Would you believe both holidays went ignored because I wasn’t handling it? Yup. No one cooked anything or went anywhere.

This tells me something. The holidays are only important enough to celebrate if they are not in charge of it all. I feel taken advantage of and as if it is now expected of me, regardless of how I feel about it. So what have I been googling tonight? “How to avoid hosting the holidays.” I refuse to do it next year. I will be in my 4th semester of grad school, and intend to use it as an excuse. Someone else can step up, or not. I dont care.

And to make matters worse, my husband decides tonight, Christmas Eve, to invite a friend and his girlfriend over for dinner tomorrow. I abhor these people. Especially the girlfriend. And I will tell you why. Two Christmases ago, they came for dessert and coffee. I have a cat who gets very anxious around company and typically hides. But she also used to being fed at night (so we can sleep peacefully until morning without cries of hunger), and so she came out of hiding to eat. “Girlfriend” wanted to love on my kitty, but my angel wasn’t having any of it, and warned her with a few growls that she didnt appreciate being cornered. I told the girlfriend to be careful, she doesnt like strangers and she doesn’t like being touched. But did she listen? No. So my angel swiped at her. And what did “girlfriend” do? She lashed out at the cat with her foot, motioning to kick her.

And THAT is how she came to be on my shit list. So I am dealing with a husband who doesnt understand why I hate these people so much, and why I dont want them in my house for extended periods of time. Plus I have my own ungrateful family I have to feed and quite frankly, I am over all of it.

If anyone can come up with a practical solution to get me out of hosting the holidays permanently, I’d be forever grateful. I cant use the school excuse forever.


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