Grad School

I didn’t think I’d be this overwhelmed this soon.

I’m seeing clearly now why they suggest you give up your employment in order to pursue the MSN FNP. (It’s still debatable as to whether I will choose the invitation to complete my DNP – a decision that has to come by the end of the semester.) I am literally at my books 6-7 days a week in some capacity. Sometimes it’s for 4 hours, sometimes it’s as many as 12. And yet, I still feel like I am behind.

Four graduate level classes. Twelve credits. No choice to pursue this degree part time, at least not at this university. It really wouldn’t be as bad if two out of my four classes weren’t so disorganized. Disorganization and lack of clarity and communication issues seem to be part and parcel of nursing programs in general, at least in my area, it seems.

Had a friend check on me last night to make sure I wasn’t getting discouraged so early in the game. I assured him I wasn’t. At this point it’s just frustration, and I know with time things will get sorted out. But in the meantime, I will be putting in a lot of hours till I figure out how this game is played.

I am still very excited about my education, and I have momentary attacks of “SQUEEEEEE!” as I read my books and I can apply it to something I saw in a patient at work, or if the passing thought of “OMG I am really doing this!” pops into my mind. The road is going to be long, and I am already counting down the weeks left till the end of the semester, but I really hope I can remember to enjoy the journey.