Burnout? Or Depression?

I feel myself sinking…


Self Care

I’m feeling guilty for not having done much of anything with my past 2 days. I’ve been extraordinarily fatigued, so I’ve spent the major part of my time either on the couch or in bed. I know the sudden surge in fatigue levels is partially due to my hormones, and I know it will come to an end (or at least be more manageable), but there is so much I have to get done that just isn’t getting done: ACLS studying, filing the family taxes, batch cooking, helping mom organize her expense ledger… and that’s just the beginning.

If this was someone else’s blog, I’d leave a comment about self care, and that sometimes that means that in doing nothing, you’re doing something: you’re giving your body the time and rest it needs in the moment it needs it. I’d go on to say something about how our society celebrates the idea of running ourselves into the ground, and how that serves no one in the end: not the individual, and not society.

I need to learn to listen to my own advice.