I feel like my gut has been ripped out

My daughter found a tick on her last night, vacationing with her best friend and their family. They are at the Urgent care as I write this, although I have little faith that they will come out with a course of prophylactic antibiotics. And if she does, it won’t be enough.

Last night, when she called, I was in hysterics. I don’t want to see my daughter suffer the way I have suffered. The only bright side to this is that she won’t go undiagnosed for almost 4 years the way I did. Even if it takes a few months to get into my LLMD’s office for a work up, at least I know it will be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

I hardly slept at all last night. Tossed and turned and now I’m waiting to hear back from my LLMD’s office, with hopes that my girl will be seen sooner rather than later. Until I hear from the office, I’m caught in a whirlwind of my own sleep-deprived anxiety, sometimes pacing, sometimes wandering through the rooms of my house aimlessly…


4 thoughts on “I feel like my gut has been ripped out

  1. I have Lyme and My 12-year-old son also has Lyme. He was bit by a tick at around age 3 and I was bit also, although I can’t remember when. Several weeks ago my son was complaining about his neck hurting, which worried me because neck pain is one of my predominant symptoms. He had never complained of neck pain before. A few days later he tells me he discovered why his neck hurt, there is something stuck on the back of it. I look, and was instantly terrified to find a tick embedded in his neck at the base of his skull. I told him what is was, and he started panicking. I was also panicking internally but trying to stay calm. I tried to get it out without breaking the head off but I failed, and just got the body. I couldn’t get the mouth parts out. This freaked out the both of us. I saw my LLMD the next day who called his pediatrician to suggest a precautionary regime of 28 days of Doxy. The pediatrician was quite rude to my Dr and said the recommendation is not to treat, there is no Lyme disease in California. So I did what I thought was the right thing. I gave my son my antibiotics for a month. Some might think this risky or negligent. But if you know Lyme, than you understand my concern. My son did fine on the month of Doxy. I also had him on probiotics and vitamin C. I sent the tick off for testing via the Bay Area Lyme Alliance. It took two months but I just got the results yesterday: the tick tested negative for Lyme and some coinfections. Great news! I don’t regret giving him the Doxy at all. I’ve also given him herbal treatments and will continue to do so. I completely understand you reaction to this event. I hope you have as good of an outcome as I did. Take care.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. My daughter came away from Urgent Care with 10 days of 100 mg doxy twice a day. ILADs suggest 200 mg, and for 4-6 weeks. Luckily, I had an appointment with my LLMD at the end of the month, and she was kind enough to let me give my appointment to my daughter. Unheard of, because as you know, new patient appointments are hard to come by. But since this will be a clear cut visit, she is being generous enough to see my girl. I begged her that night to save the tick and put it in an airtight container, but one of the older kids (college kid) burned it in their panic. So I have no tick to send off, and my heart screamed. I hope the ending to this story will be as positive as yours was. Keeping my fingers crossed…

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