Waiting for the Other Shoe

doumbel and zills

I spent most of yesterday in significant pain (as if it wasn’t obvious by yesterday’s pity party I threw for myself). After alternating heat and ice, anti-inflammatory drugs, a muscle relaxant, a massage from my therapist, and an Epsom salt bath, I woke up this morning feeling a bit more myself. But as the day wears on, that familiar ache is beginning to settle in again. It’s like I’m waiting for the extra shoe to drop, and I’ll be in horrific pain by dinner time if I am not careful.

Normally, I do my best to stay away from prescription meds. I’m still on oral antibiotic/antimalarial treatment for Borrelia, Babesia and Bartonella, but most of what I take are vitamin supplements and herbs. For a while now, I’ve steadily increased my turmeric in an attempt to keep the inflammation down. But now I’ve been reaching for my go to script for Naproxen Sodium (basically prescription strength Alleve) more frequently. And when I’ve been really bad, I throw in my script for a muscle relaxant, just to get me through times like my menstrual cycle when everything seems to hurt ten-fold. Well, I’m taking that more often these past couple of months, too. It concerns me.

This morning I emailed my LLMD and called my primary care physician (who is not an LLMD but doesn’t give me grief for being treated by my specialist) to ask about rebound pain. Since I’ve been increasing my prescription strength pain relievers slowly, I’m now at the point that I fear rebound pain once I come off of them at the end of this session of nursing classes. If I’m in for some rebound pain when I finish up the semester and try to get things back on track before classes start in the Fall, I want to know about it, and how to approach it.

When we do get break, I want to sleep. And cook meals I can freeze that will help prevent me from the spiral that happened this past year. I gained way too much weight, and I know it’s part of the issue that is driving the pain and inflammation. God willing, I’ll be able to focus on my own physical health, and get back to eating right (which for me means strict paleo), and maybe even get in some yoga and walking. And if I dared to dream, I’d add dancing to that list. (But to be honest, I’ll probably have to just accept practicing zill and doumbek rhythms for the time being. Yesterday, I discovered that practicing my drum rhythms was a good distraction from the pain.

If you want me, I’ll be over here, going Dum Dum Tek Ka Tek Dum Tek Ka Tek  or R-L-R  R-L-R R-L-R-L-R  completely ignoring my nursing books and homework for the next few hours.


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