Hitting a Brick Wall


I’m crashing. I’m absolutely exhausted and I have to face facts that I cannot keep up this pace. I’ve been going pretty much nonstop since March. Planning and organizing events, tending to my classwork, cultivating newer friendships and nurturing older ones… I haven’t had much time to myself to just veg out. Rejuvenate. Recharge.

I need to carve out some time to just be. I need to take some time to cook some nourishing meals. Time to limit the demands on my body. Time to nap. I’ve learned the hard way that when I don’t do this, my symptoms spiral out of control. As it is, I’m already incredibly fatigued. My pain levels remain higher than I’d like. It’s imperative that I remember that if I don’t meet my own needs, I can’t meet anyone else’s.

This weekend. Maybe I can recoup this weekend. *crosses fingers*