More Questions… and Fantasies

BP Cuff pic

March 9, 2015 – More questions… and Fantasies

Some new symptoms have developed and it’s driving me crazy, as I try to determine the cause. Lately, after most meals, I end up fatigued, dizzy and foggy headed. When I stand up and walk away from the table, I feel drunk. It’s a horrible feeling, and happens both at home and if I go out to eat.

So I’ve decided to do some home testing. I’m tracking my blood pressure to see if it’s postprandial hypotension. I’m tracking my blood sugar using a blood glucose meter you get OTC. I like to be able to give the doctor some info she can work with in order to help me determine the cause of symptoms.

Call it “practicing my SBAR skills” for when I’m officially an RN. (For those who are unfamiliar with SBAR, it stands for situation, background, assessment and recommendation, and helps facilitate communication between health care providers so that patients can get optimal care.)

I can’t afford to be dizzy and fatigued. I have homework to get done over Spring Break. And yesterday I was fantasizing about eating “normal” foods with my family. If I didn’t have to be careful about gluten, or grains, or whatever, what would I have? For just one day…?

A real slice of pizza!

Eggplant rollatini!

A fat slice of chocolate cake!

A beer!

Mom’s lasagna!

Oatmeal raisin cookies!

Real southern fried chicken!

But the truth is, even if I do finish up my work early, and leave the rest of the week to recover from such a day of freedom, I’d be putting myself at risk to aggravating the intestinal linings more than I already do trying to live as normal a life as I can. I’m not sure how long the setback could be, or how love recovery would take, and I’m in the throes of school right now. I just can’t afford taking that risk.

But boy, it’s nice to think about.


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