I’d say about 99% of the time, I am completely compliant with any kind of treatment a doctor suggests. In fact, the only time I consistently refused “treatment” was when my daughter was a newborn, and they wanted to do vaccines on THEIR time-line, which was something I was not comfortable with. Oh, she got all her vaccines, because I believe in their importance to good health and disease prevention, but I spread them out over more visits. But that’s another blog entry.

This blog entry is about my latest go around with meds. Doc J has me restarted the nasal meds, and I am ready to toss $100 worth of meds right out the window. When I took them for the first month, I was nearing the end of my first semester of nursing school, and I convinced myself that I’d be able stick it out for 30 days, no matter what the side effects. My grades were already solid, and even if I bombed my final, I’d still move on to the second semester.

This time, we are restarting at the beginning of a new semester. A new semester that includes an extra pre-req that the nursing department insists students need to graduate. It’s a sociology class. And although I took a soc class as a pre-req to my undergrad degree, it wasn’t specific enough for the nursing program.  It’s not going to be a super hard class, but it does come with necessary reading, studying, and paper writing that most classes involves, so my already limited time needs to be spread thinner still.

This means I can, under no circumstances, afford to put up with side effects of meds that make me dizzy, or foggy-headed, or tired or anything else. I’m convinced the nasal meds are part of the problem. I’ve tried switching up the time I take them, and I’ve tried warming the cold fluid in my hand so it doesn’t burn so much going in. It’s pointless. It only serves to make me cranky, and I’m tired of the sneezing fits that usually follow and are so hard that it’s made it necessary to wear a panty liner.

What? TMI? Sorry….

So, what to do? I placed a call to her office, and I’m waiting to hear back. We’ll see what the good doc suggests. Until then…. Non-compliance…


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