Not what I expected…

PDR and Scope pic

Nursing school is not what I expected.  On several different levels. Academically, it’s quite challenging. Study habits from my undergrad days had to change. I need more time and effort to make sure I am absorbing everything I need in order to pass exams. Gone are the days when merely attending class was enough to earn an “A.” Now there are countless hours being poured over my books, reference guides I’ve purchased that were not required, and even time on the internet watching instructional videos for clarification.

And the occasional nursing humor meme.

It’s also drastically different for me socially. I didn’t expect to connect with so many of my classmates. I made a few friends in my undergrad years, but no one from my major, and only a handful that have stood the test of time. I typically kept my head down, and kept to myself, and didn’t stand out to most of my classmates. This go around, I actually have a nice little circle of friends. Friends whom I really feel will continue be a part of my life. These are the women I will be sharing war stories with, because they will be the ones who ultimately “get it.”

And my learning has gone beyond my books and lab classes and clinical hours. My classmates each have such unique personalities and traits that I want to emulate. One is incredibly compassionate and nurturing. I know she is destined for some sort of pediatric specialty. Another has such a great sense of humor and positive outlook that she miraculously finds the silver lining in EVERYTHING. Even better, it’s contagious. Still another has such a quiet calm about her, you’d never know she was ever panicked about anything until AFTER the fact, and that’s only if she confesses. And yet another just jumps head first when she’s with a patient. No hesitation, she sees what they need and if it’s within her power, she does it with love.

These are just a small number of those who have already touched my life.

So I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on the positive influences I have going in my life right now, and be thankful. This is me, sending good vibes into the universe.


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