Pills, pills and more pills

pill pic

It’s amazing how many pills I swallow any given day. Vitamins, supplements, and antibiotics, all in different shapes and colors. And as of today, we’ll be adding more to the mix.

My blood work came back. The good news is that I don’t have a meat allergy. (Yay! Burgers! – pasture raised of course) The bad news is that almost everything else she tested is completely off kilter. For starters, my iodine is low, which means we’ll be adding a supplement to fix that. My progesterone is also way off, which is quite possible one of the reasons why I can’t lose weight. Add to that a low T3, and it’s pretty clear why I’ve gotten so “fluffy” in recent years.

Of course, that means two more meds to fix both of those conditions.

Oh… and those awful nasal meds? Yeah, I need another 2 months of that as well.

Still, none of it explains why I’m suddenly having GI issues I thought we had fixed with proper diet.

“How’s your cognitive abilities lately?” she asks.

“I finished up my semester with a 4.0, so I’d say it’s pretty good aside from the occasional hiccup.”

She was quite pleased.

Still, my new semester starts in less than a week, and I have to review a few things and get a head start on other things if this semester is going to be a success. I hope that the new meds don’t throw me off into a brain fog in the beginning of the semester, because the material isn’t getting any easier. The plus side to this semester is that clinicals are at the local hospital from 1 to 10pm instead of 6:30am – 4:30pm. This time frame will make it easier to take my meds when I need to. It will also help me avoid that early morning nausea from not getting enough sleep.

All in all, I’m excited… mostly about finally getting this weight off and being able to get active again. Or even just begin able to pull a patient’s curtain around my back and not have my ass invade their roommate’s space.

I can’t wait to get on the treadmill again. I can’t wait to be able to run again. I can’t wait to DANCE again. All of which have been hindered by the pain of my disease and by the weight that accompanied the disease. I’ll probably never hike again, though. Once you get Lyme disease, the outdoors look different to you. Still, there are plenty of indoor activities I can begin to explore… maybe I’ll take up rock (wall) climbing….


5 thoughts on “Pills, pills and more pills

    1. I’ve been on activated charcoal for as long as I’ve been in treatment (this April it will be 2 years). Dr J recently had me add bentonite clay to help, but I think I’m going back to my activated charcoal. I think it works far better for me.

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