New Doc, New Rules

bacon and egg



I started by going gluten free. Then soy free and dairy free. Then I went paleo, so no more sugar, grains or legumes, either. Now, no red meat. Have I mentioned how much I love my bacon and egg breakfast? And my bacon burgers? And… bacon?

Ok. So I haven’t been the perfect paleo patient. I do have a cup of coffee with a shot or two of cream. I still avoid gluten and soy like the plague, and I have been known to have rice, or quinoa from time to time.

But my recent visit to another LLMD is asking me to tighten things up again, and avoid red meat as well, since she suspects the hives I’ve been getting every day for years, and for which I take Zyrtec every morning, are being caused by an allergy (alpha galactose) that also could have come from the same tick bite that gave me Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia. She’s going to run a blood test to confirm it, but invited me to give up red meat (“fish and feathers” are still ok) and see how I feel.

I’ll be damned.

Four days in, and I didn’t have to take my Zyrtec today.

(Did I mention my love for bacon?)

The dietary changes aren’t the only things we’ve done. Dr J is convinced that a previous mold exposure is keeping me from healing completely. Dr J also feels Dr C is approaching the Lyme treatment appropriately, but that there are two more pieces of the puzzle to look at, and those would be mold and hormones. I’ll get to the hormone piece in a moment.

I turned 16 in the fall of my junior year in high school. In the months to follow, so did many of my friends, and I attended a few parties. After one such party that was in the basement of a friend’s house (and weren’t most teenage parties in a basement of a friend’s house?), I found myself on the way to the ER, my mother screaming in panic because I felt like I was breathing through a straw, and was gasping for air. It was the night of my first asthma attack, and I’ve been treating my asthma ever since that night.

My mother was quite upset, convinced that the damp basement had mold and made me sick. Who knew that all these years later, she could be right.

Dr J says that it only takes one good exposure to have a mold problem growing in your sinuses. The spores just continue to reproduce, and generally these people will have constant sinus issues. She says we could test for the type of mold that could be growing in my sinuses, but that test runs about $800, and treatment for the mold is under $100, so we’re going to go ahead and start treatment, which involves antifungal meds delivered to the sinuses via a nasal atomizer.

I began treatment this morning, and it’s not the most attractive thing, either. Stuffing a machine in one nostril, while goop is being expelled from the other. But I figure starting now gives me 5 days to adjust to any herx reactions that might pop up, so that I’ll be ready for yet another clinical week and more exams. To help with the effects any massive die off could present, and to help break through the biofilms, I’ll be adding bentonite clay to my daily supplement regimen, in addition to the activated charcoal originally put in place to do that job.

Finally, Dr J says she wants to address the hormonal issues she believes is going on with me. Apparently, “Lyme and mold completely trashes your hormones,” and so more blood work is being coordinated around my cycle to figure out how to tackle that part of the equation. Once we get all that treated and under control, we can tackle any weight loss issues that still need to be addressed.

So I’m happy that we have another direction for my treatment. But boy, am I going to miss bacon…



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