Let the insanity begin!

hospital signWow… I can’t believe it. Nursing classes start on Tuesday. And I’m already behind. I’m kicking myself for not getting my butt to the doctor sooner about the chronic headaches I was having all month. I honestly thought they would resolve well before now. But at least with some medication, I am able to focus. Better living through chemistry!

So much of the initial stuff is comprised of material I already know. Still the review is good. The way I learn material is going to make for a long semester,though. Not only do I need to read the material, but I have to rewrite it in notebooks, often in some informal outline type of way, and then rewrite information as flash cards. It’s enormously time consuming, but after 2 degrees, I already know how my brain works.

What I’m afraid of is underestimating the difficulty of the material… the flip side being is that I freak out and wind up with more of the chronic tension headaches I developed this month.


Breathe. Inhale. Exhale.

That’s what my yogi friends would say. And I’ll figure it out. I’ll find my stride and get through this. The rewards will be worth it in the end. Ultimately, I’ll be doing what I’ve always wanted to do: helping patients, playing detective, helping people become their best possible selves. I want to be the NP people go to when they need a sense of hope. I want to provide a space that will make them feel safe, accepted, and heard. I’m almost tingling with excitement!



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