Orientation was at 8.30 this morning. They wrapped things up by 10.30, but I left in a bit of a haze. Excited, but overwhelmed. 

There is so much to do before the program starts in August. Background check, drug screen, vaccinations, uniform, shoes, supplies… I was lucky enough to be gifted with a stethoscope, so that’s one less thing. As I sit here and write this, however, papers cover my kitchen table, beckoning me to get started. I need to have a cup of joe first, though, or I won’t be good for much. 

I already scheduled my appointment for my physical and vaccinations, and I have already scheduled my CPR class for “health care professionals.” That is a 5 hour course this Friday. I want to start all the boring paperwork as soon as possible though, because I tend to drag my feet with things like that. 

Most importantly though, I need to get a new script called into the pharmacy by Doc C. Although I sent an email this weekend, I also placed  call to her office. I need my symptoms to improve drastically, and it needs to happen in short order. I’m confident of my academic abilities, and that I can handle the “book stuff.” I’m more worried about my ability to handle the physical demands. The thought of which makes me wring my hands in unspoken anxiety. (Okay, I’ll admit to being a bit concerned about Pharmacology Class. It’s online, and for me that makes it all the more difficult.)

Jeez. I’m tired already.



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