Personal Experiment – the Hangover

I probably shouldn’t be writing, but I wanted to be able to see, in writing, how unclear my mind gets when I get these periodic feelings of being hungover. I’m already seeing that my spelling is way off, and I’m going to have to come back eventually and clean this up. Other than correcting typos, I’m going to leave it be.I want to see for myself how my thinking and communicating is effected by this disease.

I consider myself a fairly decent writer. Ok. Maybe I should say I “fancy” myself a fairly decent writer. I have my own voice, and it usually comes across very clearly in my writing. I also believe I’m fairly articulate. I pride myself on my ability to communicate to others effectively. I want to see how all this decays when I’m not feeling up to snuff.

The weather here is pretty lousy. It’s grey, and it’s been raining for the past 72 hours. It dreary an cold to boot. It’s nearly May and yet I had to put the heat back on yesterday because if the chill in the air. 

I’ve been on my current drug protocol since April 9, and consists of one antibiotic, one drug used to treat malaria, and a handful of vitamins and herbal supplements, mostly from Buhner’s website, as recommended by LLMD. 

I re-started my daily fasting. That is to say, I try to limit any and all food intake between the hours of 9ish am and 6ish pm. That leaves 14 (?) hours where I am not consuming anything. I’d like to check the math on that, to be honest, but I promised myself I wouldnt change more than spelling in this entry. Ideally, the doc would like me to fast 16 hours out of every day, since the act of eating can be an inflammatory response in and of itself. 

And I’m feeling pretty horribly inflamed these days. I awake sore and achy, and I go through my day sore and achy. I turn in at night sore and achy, and I repeat the process when I wake up the next morning. I’m hoping the fasting will be the nudge I need in the right direction so the pain isn’t as pervasive. Even as I write this, my back is killing me and I want to go lay down.

But the fogginess, the hangover I feel today has prompted this writing. I have emails that I need to get to, reading to do, and I really need a clear head to do it all. I start classes in 3 weeks. Pre-reqs so that when my classes begin in earnest in August, I can focus on the harder stuff. There is PTA obligations I still have to meet, and when the PTA secretary is in the grips of a brain fog, any emails risk being unclear. That is not the impression I like to leave people with. (And there it is, ending a sentence with a preposition… ugh… my grammar nazi friends should have a field day with whole entry)

So I’m not completely sure what has caused the hangover feeling this morning. Is it the weather? Is it the drugs? Is it the fasting? Perhaps I ate something, hidden gluten? Way too many variables for this self proclaimed scientist to evaluate. 


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