Yesterday’s Doc Appointment

I pulled out my notebook when she called me into the room. Doc C has no nurse, just a receptionist who answers the phone and makes appointments, and file insurance, I’d imagine. I sat down on the love seat across from her treadmill/desk. (Have you seen these things? She walks very slowly as she enters notes into her computer while she talks to patients. I’m not sure when I’ll finish my medical education and join her, but this will be my first purchase!) I quickly debriefed her on my experiences with the past month’s regimen, and we hammered out that I’ll be put back on something that worked better in the past. She had thought that the neck and shoulder pain was due to the Lyme bacteria, but conceded Babesia could be part of the issue as well. (I tested positive for Bartonella, Borrelia, and Babesia. Go big or go home, I always say.)

So, I’m back on one of the first antibiotics that I was prescribed, and she decided that we’d keep one of the two of last month’s anti-parasitics. (I hesitate on giving details, since I’ve heard of consequences when some people have chosen to do so in a public forum like this.) I’m also back on some of the basics of Buhner’s protocol.

After we got that out of the way, she wanted to talk about her newest bit of reading, which was about a marathon runner who became severely ill with MS, and how she managed to heal herself. “Seaweed and Organ meat,” Doc C declared enthusiastically. At first, I thought, “nori.” I can easily do nori, but she specified that kelp is a far better source of the nutrients than the seaweed used for nori. My countenance darkened further when she went on and shared her experiences in organ meat. 

She was a vegetarian for many years, but has gone strictly paleo for her own health, and so she admitted to the struggle she was having with organ meat, going so far as to say that the family dog was the only grateful recipient of her experiments with pate. I have already been working up to including organ meat in my diet, since I had also been reading that the health benefits are worth the effort.

Luckily I come from a family who, before coming to this country from Europe, were poor enough that not a scrap of food was ever wasted, and so my relatives assure me that with a little tinkering, organ meat like liver can be quite tasty. My husband actually loves organ meat, and he grew up on a farm (again in Europe) where everything the family ate was either grown or raised on the family farm. The flour for bread, to meat and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, and even their wine – they would only buy things like white flour and sugar during the holidays for baking. I’m absolutely convinced that this kind of healthy eating has made him as healthy as he is, since he didn’t come to the US until he was nearly 30. 

The good news is that the next farmer’s market isn’t until Saturday, so I have until then to work myself up mentally for making that kind of purchase. 


2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Doc Appointment

  1. Hmm. You will have to tell me how it goes with the organ meat. I have some other pals who are having a hard time with their Lyme symptoms too.

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