Sometimes all it takes is a good friend…

… to get you up and going again.

Friday, I had a visit from a long-time friend. It was a good visit because it forced me out of the funk I was in. He dropped by, for the better part of the day, and I have to admit, I really like those kinds of visits. The all-day, hang around the house, shoot the breeze, listen to tunes, and snack on whatever is in the pantry before more conversation over cooking dinner.

Granted, I’m not feeling any better physically, and even he saw the fatigue in my face enough to mention it, but it was good for the soul. It picked me up emotionally, and that does more for me than any anti-inflammatory.

And for the next two days, I had quite the hangover, but that was my own doing. I *knew* what having dessert was going to do to me: increased pain, and a dizziness and brain fog that would rival any hangover brought on by a bottle of cheap tequila.

I’m feeling more clear this morning, but I ran out of meds on Saturday, and while I could have refilled the antibiotics, I dreaded doing so since I know they make me so nauseated. I’m hoping that when I see Doc C on Wednesday that we try something different. I’m hoping that the stomach issues clear up by then, and that the pain doesn’t worsen during my short hiatus.

I read about a lot of “Lymies” being treated with IV antibiotics, but Doc C has her hands tied on that one. She says it’ll just invite problems, and she risks her practice if she were to ever prescribe IV meds. Still, I wonder what I’m missing. I wonder if it could be the missing link in finally kicking this infection to the curb. And I’m confident I’ll overcome this. I’m certain I’ll be back to my old self soon. It’s just going to take more time than I anticipated. But that’s ok. Because. Good Friends.


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