Wednesday March 12, 2014

One month ago today, I found myself nearly skipping into my LLMD’s office. I was feeling completely renewed. Reborn. It had been nearly 9 months of nonstop treatment with a mixture of antibiotics and herbal supplements, and a long road, but I was feeling so so good. And upon seeing so much improvement, Doc C decided to take me off all my scripts, and leave me on only 3 of my herbals.

My smile when I left her office was at least mile wide.

I didn’t see the storm clouds on the horizon, but they were forming. By the end of February, only two weeks without meds, I was suffering horribly. I began feeling dizzy and fatigued, and I had headaches and my muscles and joints began to stiffen again. I had gone from dancing in my living room just out of sheer joy, to barely being able to walk without pain. But I refused to believe it was the Lyme and the co-infections. I swore up, down and backwards that it was just hormones. I bargained with God that He please just let this be a sign of an upcoming cycle, or hell, even peri menopause.

What gave it away, what undoubtedly told me it was Lyme, was when my neck and shoulders began to ache. I couldn’t deny the very symptom that was one of the first markers of the disease when it was coming onto the health scene in Connecticut. So I begrudgingly emailed Doc C, and within a few days I was put back on all my herbals, another antibiotic, and two anti-malarial drugs.

It’s about a week since I’ve started all over, and I can feel some improvement. But it’s come at a price. The meds make me horribly sick to my stomach, and while I do my best to stick to a “Paleo” diet, I’ve had to include some grains (like quinoa and rice) just to give my stomach a base for all those meds. And while even that is improved, there i still a very fine line I tip toe on between eating too much and eating just enough to keep my stomach settled enough to accomplish something during the day.

I continue to keep the faith, and be grateful for what I can do. I know other “Lymies” are suffering far worse than I am, and some don’t have the luxury of good health care. I will continue to write about my progress, but will also include random notes regarding the controversy that is Lyme Disease, and my plans for the future. And they’re pretty big plans. And a long time coming.




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